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At Dangi Realty International, we pride ourselves on being a boutique lettings and management agency. While we may be small, our commitment to delivering exceptional service is unmatched. You’ll benefit from the exposure, knowledge, and expertise typically associated with larger agencies, all while receiving the personalized attention and care that comes from working with a smaller, client-centric business.

Whether you’re searching for properties for sale or rent, Dangi Realty International simplifies the process. Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly discover your ideal villa, townhouse, or apartment using our unique geolocation mapping feature. Connect directly with property owners and let us help you find your dream home in just a few clicks.

Vojendra Pande

Sales Associates
Vojendra Pande has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, particularly in res ...

Krishna Dangi

Sales Associates, Chandigarh, India
Krishna Dangi is a valuable member of Dangi Realty International, bringing expertise and e ...

Amit Gupta

Sales Associates, Nepal
Amit Gupta sounds like an incredibly accomplished individual with a wealth of experience i ...

Rudra Prasad Niraula

Sales Associates, Nepal
It’s great to hear about Rudra Prasad Niraula’s contributions to the real esta ...

Ramesh Dhakal

Sales Associates, Nepal
Ramesh Dhakal’s diverse background as a community leader, business entrepreneur, cor ...

Phagendra Rai

Sales Associates, Nepal
Phagendra Rai’s extensive experience spanning over 30 years in builder, residential, ...

Padam Thapa

Sales Associates, Nepal
Padam Thapa’s transition from a distinguished career as a police officer to a respec ...

Padam Khadka

Sales Associates, Nepal
Padam Khadka’s journey from serving as a peacekeeper in Lebanon from the Nepal army, ...

Hikmat Miya

Sales Associates, Nepal
Hikmat Miya’s extensive experience in both public service and real estate, particula ...

Binod Kharel

Sales Associates, Nepal
Binod Kharel is an asset to Dangi Realty International! With his high energy and dedicatio ...
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